The Nonagenarian Runner

Running has many benefits. The physical benefits are well known. But the other day, a chance encounter with a person while running, made me realize what exactly running can do.
It was a little overcast morning. It had rained the previous night and the roads were still wet. Some of my running friends had gone for a 10K run around Novotel hotel and since I had started late, I was trying to catch up with them.
I reached the hitex exhibition grounds and was expecting that I will meet them. But they were not to be seen. I was in double mind. I was weighing whether to return back from there or to run alone. The morning was wonderful. The place was beautiful. But for me, doing a 10k alone is somewhat dreadful.
As they say, while in doubt, run! So, I kept running.
I saw him coming towards me in a red vest. He seemed about 80. His face had wrinkles and freckles, a sign of old age. But he looked wonderfully strong. He was straight and moreover, he was running!  He waved his hand towards me. When he came within audible distance, I said good morning. He stopped his run, came near me and asked me what. I shook his hand, wished him again and asked him his age. His hands were strong. He had well defined muscles. I was admiring his persistence and effort. But when he told me his age, I could not believe myself.
He said he was 94.
It was really inspiring to see someone running at that age. When I asked if I could run along with him,  he said some very profound words - You go on your way, I will go on my own. Do not keep your mouth open while running. Breathe through the nose, send it to the spine, everything will go away.
And he ran off slowly. I stood there pondering what happened. I forgot to ask his name or where he lived. Even I forgot to take the customary selfie. I turned around helplessly, looked back at him as he was going. On his red vest, it was written CHITTOOR.
Later that day, a runner friend shared this link about him.

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